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Ways to Get a Free Funded Account from a Prop Firm
5.2. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 4.4. 2024)

2 Easy Ways to Get a Free Funded Account from a Prop Firm

We understand that not every forex trader would immediately have money to purchase a budget-friendly funded account offered by some prop firms. We know things can be a little difficult, but we don’t want it to stop you from great opportunities. Thus, in today’s blog post, we will share with you two easy ways you can get...

questions to ask when choosing forex prop trading firm
29.1. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 4.4. 2024)

6 Important Questions to Ask when Choosing a Prop Firm

There are many forex prop firms available in the market today, but knowing the right one for you can be a little bit of a challenge. But with the right questions, you can pick the one suitable for you. In this blog post, we will share with you six vital questions to ask when choosing a forex prop...

slippage, new trading, bid/ask chart, rebelsfunding rftrader
26.1. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 28.3. 2024)

All you NEED to Know about Slippage, News trading & the Ask/Bid Charts at RebelsFunding

At RebelsFunding, some of the most frequent questions we get in our community from new members often revolve around slippage, news trading and how to navigate the RF Trader platform (to understand the difference between Bid and Ask prices/charts, and also view Spread history). In today’s blog post, we will answer and address all of...

news negative slippage forex prop trading
22.1. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 28.3. 2024)

6 High-Impact News that can cause Negative Slippage in Prop Trading

A stop loss is a predetermined level at which you are supposed to exit a losing trade. The stop-loss level is usually determined as soon as you enter the position, based on your risk tolerance, trading strategy, and market conditions. However, sometimes the market can be unpredictable and volatile, and there are some fundamental factors that can...

RebelsFunding vs FTMO forex prop trading
15.1. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 26.2. 2024)

RebelsFunding vs FTMO: Which Prop Firm to Choose?

If you’re a forex trader looking to break into the prop trading world, you’ve likely come across RebelsFunding and FTMO. These two popular prop firms offer funded accounts to traders who pass their evaluation processes. But with both firms offering seemingly similar opportunities, which one is right for you? In this blog post, we’ll compare and...

identify, find key levels forex prop trading
8.1. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 28.3. 2024)

Simple Ways to Identify Key Levels when Prop Trading

Key levels are important price points on the forex prop trading chart where the market tends to react strongly. They can help you identify potential support and resistance levels, entry and exit points, and trend direction. In this blog post, we will share what key levels are, why they are important, and how to find...

benefits no time limit prop firm
1.1. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 21.3. 2024)

4 Reasons Why Traders Prefer a NO TIME LIMIT Prop Firm

A no time limit prop firm is a proprietary trading firm that does not impose any restrictions on how long a trader can trade during their evaluation process. Unlike some other prop firms that require traders to reach a certain profit target within a fixed number of days or months, a no time limit prop firm (e.g, RebelsFunding) allows...

Profitable Prop Trader 2024
29.12. 2023 (Aktualizováno: 21.3. 2024)

How to Move from 0 to Profitable Prop Trader in 2024

A new trading year is here again. Why not make it special and outstanding? You can make 2024 a profitable and remarkable forex prop trading year for yourself. It’s time to better your performance! How to make this happen? In this blog post, I will share with you some tips to help you have an exciting and...

review or monitor your forex trades
22.12. 2023 (Aktualizováno: 21.3. 2024)

3 Effective Steps to Review & Improve your Prop Trading Performance

One of the best ways to enhance your forex prop trading skills and results is to review and assess your trading performance regularly. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, learn from your mistakes, and optimize your trading system. In this blog post, I will share with you three steps that can help you...

stop revenge trading, signs revenge trading
18.12. 2023 (Aktualizováno: 14.3. 2024)

5 Signs you’re Revenge Trading and How to Avoid It

Revenge trading is a term used to describe a forex prop trader’s emotional response to a losing trade. Simply put, it’s when a trader makes a trade to get even, rather than following a trading plan. It often happens when a prop trader has suffered a loss and feels the urge to immediately jump back in and recoup those losses. It can lead...