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How it began

Distant Past

We started over 15 years ago with trading on financial markets. Very quickly we started to realize that not everything is as simple as it seemed at first glance. It took years for it to start making sense. We have been full-time trading since 2011, over that time we have gained a lot of experience, which we decided to offer to other people. In 2015, we started offering educational courses to our clients. Many satisfied customers have gone through our education courses. During the education in our courses, they not only improved in trading techniques, risk management, trading psychology, but also in the way of thinking and perspective on markets, principles of its functioning, arbitration, and many other techniques.

Forex starts

How it continued

Recent past

During our long-standing experience in the field of trading and education we have met many ambitious disciplined traders, who met all the prerequisites to become successful traders but were united by one common problem that prevented them from becoming Full-time traders and that was the amount of capital required and subsequent fears of losing it. Gradually, we started to cooperate with many traders and investors in various successful and less successful trading projects.

Rebelsfunding is being created


To help traders become profitable without the need for a high initial capital and fears of losses our team of traders, in collaboration with investors led by founder Marek Soska (FB), decided to establish a new project called RebelsFunding. We have developed a range of training programs according to the needs of individual traders, found excellent technical solutions outside of third-party brokerage platforms, web-based control panels, and outdated platforms such as MT4 and created optimal conditions and a fee structure that is always mutually beneficial. Now we are looking for the best to collaborate with. Our clients can become profitable traders in a relatively short period of time thanks to minimal upfront costs without fears of losing their own capital.


What we plan to achieve

The future

Our current goal is to seriously, stably, and quickly penetrate the world of prop trading, where with the help of our unique programs and long-term experiences, we aim to find our place among the top prop trading firms in the world and build a community of successful retail traders, from which a retail fund available to investors from all over the world can be created. Our traders' satisfaction is our top priority, so we will strive to improve and adapt to your requirements every day, as much as possible.

We would like to thank you all for your support, competence and hospitality, and we believe that we will build mutually beneficial and long-term relationships worldwide.

Our Base Development Partner

Collaborating with FDCTech

RebelsFunding has been diligently crafting the RF-Trader platform from the outset, and it remains a unique project in which the platform evolves day by day, becoming better and better with each improvement. Additionally, crucial for us is the collaboration with FDCTech and their team, which has ensured the platform's progress so far, and is working on another subsequent enhancements. The close communication between our team and the FDCTech team is the cornerstone of further advancement for our entire company.

At RebelsFunding, we are proud to collaborate with FDCTech, our primary development partner for the RF-Trader platform. FDCTech expertise in platform development and innovation plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability, efficiency, and continuous improvement of our trading platform.


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