RF COPPER 4 phase training program

We bring you the most affordable and unique program on the market, which you won't be able to find anywhere else but with us! Come and familiarize yourself with our 4-phase training program, where upon successful completion you can access training capital up to 320,000 USD, and if you are truly successful, you can gradually advance to twice as much!


Trading on financial markets can be full of pitfalls and obstacles, especially for beginners, which can prevent traders from fulfilling their dreams and earning the money they always desired. But fear not, the RF COPPER 4-Phase Training Program offers you the opportunity to learn how to manage risks and capitalize at an unbeatable price!

This program is intended for beginner traders who are new to the market and have ambitions to improve their skills and move forward. But it's also suitable for more experienced traders who don't mind going through a 4-phase verification of their trading skills yet retain an ambition to access a large amount of capital at an unbeatable price.


RF COPPER 4 phase training program - conditions

5% Daily drawdown

Within one trading day (24 hours), your account must not drop by more than 5%. The starting equity is set at 09:00 PM UTC time.

10% Overall drawdown

The overall drawdown on the account is set at 10% of the starting capital on the training account and is bound both to closed and open trades. Example: The equity on an account of 10,000 USD must not be less than 9,000 USD.

Minimum Trades 4

The minimum number of real trades required to meet the conditions in this training program is 4 trades in each of the 4 phases.

Distribution of profits up to 90%

Gradually, you will be eligible for up to 90% commission of the profit generated on the RCF account.

Max leverage up to 1:200

During trading, the leverage on your trading account will be set to a maximum of 1:200.

Target profit 5%

The goal in this training program is to achieve a 5% profit in each phase.

Choose your Copper account size.

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Advantages of RF Copper training program

  • 1
    Fee Refund
    If you successfully meet the goals, you will get back 200% of your entry fees with your first payout.
  • 2
    We understand that the market situation is not always favorable, and there are times when a trader requires more time. Therefore, we provide you with the flexibility of having no time limit or pressure until you achieve the target profit.
  • 3
    Everything in one place
    We offer you a new modern ALL-in-One platform built on TradingView charts which are directly connected to liquidity providers. Your trading will always be transparent and simple. Stand out from the rest and see for yourself so that trading can be a breeze.

More advantages of our RF Copper training program

Who is it for?

This training program is designed for traders who are starting their journey in the market and want to improve their trading techniques and risk management, as well as for experienced traders who want to trade with a large capital for the lowest fee. During the 4 phases of this program you will have enough time to achieve your goals. We are the only ones who offer you this exclusive opportunity.

How long

You have the freedom of unlimited time!

What do you gain?

After successfully completing this program, you will join other successful traders on the RCF account in our prop trading firm, you will trade with a large amount of capital and with the largest real advantage that exists in the market. YOU ARE TAKING LIMITED RISKS and are entitled to 80-90% commission from the profit.


In addition, upon meeting certain conditions, successful traders will have their trading account increased by up to 200% of the initial value!
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