August RF Trading Competition

RF Trading Competition

Unleash Your Trading Potential and Join the Elite!

Are you ready to astound the world with your exceptional trading skills and prove that you're the one we've been searching for? Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge as we proudly present the RF Trading Competition-a platform designed to discover the finest and most determined traders who are ready to dominate the financial markets and seize the incredible opportunity to win one of our prestigious trading accounts!

About the Competition

During this exhilarating month-long competition, your mission is crystal clear: achieve unprecedented profits and demonstrate your trading brilliance in the face of rapid-fire, demanding market conditions. This is your moment to shine and showcase your extraordinary trading prowess, earning the recognition you truly deserve in the dynamic world of trading.

Why Participate?

Embark on this thrilling journey to unleash your full trading potential and gain the well-deserved recognition in the trading realm. It's a chance for traders of all backgrounds to prove their mettle, leveraging their expertise, analytical acumen, and impeccable decision-making skills to reach the pinnacle of success and claim a coveted spot among the winners.


Those who conquer the competition with their exceptional profits will be rewarded. Imagine the thrill of grabbing one of our exclusive trading programs tailored to accelerate your trading success. The rewards speak for themselves:

  • 1st Place: Copper $320,000 program 
  • 2nd Place: Copper $160,000 program 
  • 3rd Place: Copper $80,000 program
  • 4th-5th Place: Copper $80,000 program
  • 6th-10th Place: Copper $40,000 program
  • 11th-20th Place: Copper $20,000 program
  • 21st-50th Place: Copper $10,000 program
  • 50-th-100th Place: Copper $5,000 program

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Join the Elite

Step into the spotlight and become part of an exclusive community of elite traders who have the power to shape their financial destiny. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression, impress industry experts, and establish yourself among the trading elite. Don't miss your chance to participate in the RF Trading Competition and embark on a thrilling path to success.

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