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Trade gaps forex
8.7. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 9.7. 2024)

How to Trade Gaps in Forex

A gap is an area on a price chart where there is no trading activity at a certain price level (leaving a blank space between the previous close of one period or candle and the new opening price of the next). It is a discontinuity in price movement. Let’s look at why gaps occur, types and how to take...

trend trading, trend following, counter-trend trading
1.7. 2024

Should you Trade the Trend or Trade Against it? 

Trend following and counter-trend trading are both viable strategies in forex. But before you make a choice, carefully consider the pros and cons of each technique, your experience, discipline and risk management plan. In today’s post, we will look at the two sides of each strategy; their pros and cons, and how/when to use them: Trend...

Reduce Gambling Tendencies
24.6. 2024

How Successful Traders Reduce Gambling Tendencies when Trading

Gambling tendencies describe the habit of treating forex as a game of chance (relying more on luck or how you feel) rather than sound analysis and strategy. It usually results in failure and stagnation. Let’s discuss what profitable traders do to minimize it and achieve more success: 1. They focus on a few market niche Some pro traders...

Interview with Successful Trader
20.6. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 2.7. 2024)

Interview with Successful Trader: Kesiar shares how Continuous Learning and Specialisation Led to his Success

In this interview, Ján Kesiar takes us on his journey from amateur to professional (and successful) trader at RebelsFunding: 1. Tell us about yourself I am 47 years old, married, and a father of two children. Trading is not my only source of income; I also have a regular job. My goal for the future is to become...

seasonal patterns forex trading
17.6. 2024

Utilizing Seasonal Trends in Trading

Seasonal patterns in trading are recurring fluctuations or behaviors that can be observed in financial markets during specific times in a year. Today, we will look at the types, advantages and how to utilize them: Calendar-based patterns This one is tied to a particular time in a year. Examples are “January effect” (where stocks tend to rise in...

interview with successful prop trader
14.6. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 2.7. 2024)

Interview with a Successful Prop Trader, Trong: Journey from Banking to Successful Trading

Trong Hung is a trader at RebelsFunding. He has demonstrated discipline and consistency in his trading journey. Today, he shares his trading skills, ideas and experience in this brief interview: 1.Tell us a little about yourself I was born and raised in Vietnam. I am 44 years old this year. I majored in banking and finance at National Economics...

position size trading
10.6. 2024

Should you Reduce your Position Size when on a Losing Streak?

When losses start to add up in trading, we are often pushed to deliberate on which parameters to establish or modify to prevent further drawdown and protect our capital. Here, reducing our position size may appear as one of the effective steps to take, to move into safety. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks...

surgetrader alternative prop firm
3.6. 2024

Best Alternatives to SurgeTrader

Following SurgeTrader’s unexpected closure, here are top alternative prop firms you can consider: Comparison of SurgeTrader Alternatives (Scroll/swipe the table to your left ← or right → to view all providers) Features SurgeTrader RebelsFunding FTMO the5ers Trading platform MatchTrader (third party platform; license later revoked) RF-Trader (in-house trading platform; owned by RebelsFunding). Independent and reliable....

Set and Forget Trading Approach
27.5. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 3.7. 2024)

What is Set and Forget Trading Approach? Should you Adopt it?

Set-and-forget (S-n-F) is a trading approach in which you set your entry point, stop loss, and take profit levels, let your trade run without further intervention, adjustment, or constant chart monitoring. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this method; who should implement it and who shouldn’t: Pros: 1. It reduces mental stress: S-n-F approach...

best true forex funds alternatives
20.5. 2024

Best True Forex Funds (TFF) Alternatives

True Forex Funds (TFF) has permanently suspended operations due to “financial insolvency”. And if you traded with them, you are probably looking for an alternative prop firm. Let me introduce reputable and better options for you: Comparison of TFF Alternatives (Scroll/swipe the table to your left ← or right → to view all providers) Features...