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Bad Trading Habits that can Stop you from Achieving Massive Results
15.4. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 16.4. 2024)

6 Bad Trading Habits that can Stop you from Achieving Massive Results

Let’s analyze bad trading habits that can limit you from reaching your full potential as a trader: 1. Constantly switching from one trading system to another If you often switch from one trading strategy to another, you would deny yourself the opportunity of mastering a particular system (which would ultimately result in inconsistency and low performance). Building...

achieve consistency forex prop trading
8.4. 2024

8 Easy Ways to Achieve Consistency in Prop Trading

Consistency in forex is simply your ability to utilize a trading strategy regularly to produce a higher percentage of positive (and reliable) results over a period of time irrespective of market conditions. In this article, we’ll share simple things you can do to help you achieve consistency in your prop trading journey: 1. You must adhere to your prop...

TFT alternative prop firm for traders from the funded trader after crash or closure
1.4. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 17.4. 2024)

Best TFT (The Funded Trader) Alternative

In the last few weeks, the forex prop trading community has been hit by different unexpected news events and very sad stories. From MetaQuotes (metatrader) suspending some prop firms, to the abrupt payout denials by The Funded Trader(TFT), and its tragic crash or closure, it has been an unfortunate start of the year for some...

Trading Fears that can Delay forex Prop Trading Growth
25.3. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 17.4. 2024)

4 Trading Fears that can Delay your Prop Trading Growth

Fear is a powerful human emotion. It can push us to safety, it can also push us to dismay. But its disadvantages seem to outweigh its benefits. It pushes us more to take uncalculated and miscalculated decisions/actions that can bring us down. In forex prop trading, this is not different. When we operate from a place of...

develop trading edge forex prop trading
18.3. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 17.4. 2024)

9 Ways to Develop an Effective Trading Edge for Successful Prop Trading

A trading edge is a set of conditions or approaches that can give a prop trader a higher probability of winning trades, an upper hand over losses. It can be a strategy, a tool or a psychological strength. It is unique to every trader, and has been proven to be produce high success rate in trading. Thus, as a prop trader who...

self-accountability forex prop trading
11.3. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 17.4. 2024)

How Self-Accountability can Improve your Prop Trading Performance

Successful forex prop trading is beyond technical/fundamental analysis, self-accountability plays a big role in the journey too. It is one of the most important traits that can make or break your prop tading performance and results. It is your ability to take responsibility for your actions and outcomes in any trading scenario. It means that you...

Reasons why Prop Traders Blow their Account & How to Avoid them
4.3. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 10.4. 2024)

10 Common Reasons why Prop Traders Blow their Account & How to Avoid them

The most frustrating experience in prop trading is when we lose our challenge or funded accounts. It feels very painful. The good news is, we can stop it, we can prevent it. If we care to closely analyze the root of this problem, we can find the cause(s), we can discover actions or habits that...

metatrader ban prop firm that accepts us clients
26.2. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 10.4. 2024)

MetaQuotes Ban: 1 Prop Firm that Accepts US Clients

MetaQuotes, the developer of popular trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, is cracking down on several prop trading firms such as Ftmo, the5ers, etc., and forcing many brokers to terminate their services (if these firms do not comply). This decision has had a negative impact on most prop traders in the US. There is fear of...

metatrader alternative rftrader metaquotes prop firms traders united states
19.2. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 10.4. 2024)

MetaTrader Alternative: 7 Reasons RF-Trader is a Great Option for you

MetaTrader is one of the most widely used trading platforms in the forex prop trading market. But lately, the platform (MT4/MT5) has banned several prop firms, including FTMO. Fortunately, there are other options, other reliable (and even better) trading platforms available for prop traders who want to access a wide range of markets, tools, and services....

risks weekend and overnight holding forex prop trading
12.2. 2024 (Aktualizováno: 4.4. 2024)

2 Major Risks that may come with Weekend & Overnight Holding in Prop Trading

Overnight and weekend holding in forex prop trading can be a profitable strategy, but it can also come with its own set of risks. In this blog post, we will explore the risks associated with overnight and weekend holding in prop trading: 1. It can lead to unexpected gaps Market gaps occur when the price of...