RF Trading Competition

Terms and FAQ

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    When will I receive the login details for my account?
    Traders who have registered for the competition will receive their login details for their competition trading account at least 0-2 days before the start of the competition and no later than the beginning of the competition. You will receive the credentials by email. They might end up in the spam folder or another tab. Please search for an email from RF-Trader (dated 30-31 Jul).
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    Who can participate?
    Anyone who has reached the age of 18 or older, filled out the registration form, possesses at least one required KYC document for winner verification, and does not have a permanent residence in one of the prohibited countries excluded from our services, can participate in the competition. Employees of RebelsFunding company are prohibited from participating in this competition.
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    Can I have multiple accounts?
    Each trader can register for a specific competition only once per month. If we discover that a trader has registered with multiple accounts, those accounts will be removed, and the trader may be disqualified from the competition. In the event of winning, the prize may not be awarded to them, and it will be given to the trader ranked next in line.
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    How is the winner determined?
    The winner and the ranking of traders are determined based on the profit generated on the competition account during the competition period. The trader with the highest profit remaining on the competition account at the end of the competition and after closing all trades is declared the winner. Traders are ranked in descending order according to their generated profit.
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    What type of account is used for trading?
    The competition account has a value of $80,000. All participants have access to the same type of account. This account is a demo account and will be closed at the end of the competition, with no further access granted to the trader. No share of profits can be withdrawn from the competition account, nor can the trader gain any benefits from it after the competition ends. It is solely used for the purposes of the competition.
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    Can I participate again if I get eliminated?
    Each trader has the opportunity to register for the competition only once, and there is no possibility of re-registration after the registration period ends. If a trader gets eliminated from the competition, they will have to wait for the next competition's registration to open.
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    What is the leverage size on the competition account?
    The leverage on the competition trading account is set as follows: The leverage for major currency pairs is set at 1:200, for cross currency pairs at 1:150, for exotic currency pairs at 1:100, for metals at 1:25, for stock indices at 1:25, for energies at 1:5, for stocks at 1:2.5, and for cryptocurrencies at 1:2.5.
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    When does the competition start and how long does it last?
    The competition starts on the first day of the calendar month following the registration and lasts until the last calendar day of the same month in which it started.
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    When will I receive my prize?
    The prize will be awarded to the winners within 48 hours after the announcement of the competition winners and subsequent verification
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    What are the rules?
    Daily drawdown - NO, Maximum drawdown - 10%, Minimum trades - NO, Overnight holding positions - YES, Weekends holding positions - YES, Trading during news releases - YES, Trading during news releases - YES, Required TP or SL - NO, Lot size limits - NO


Verification of winners. For transparency and to prevent fraud, it is necessary to confirm the identity of the winner and proceed with verification using an identification document. Participants agree during registration to provide the required KYC documents for verification and claiming the prize. If a winner refuses to provide the necessary documents, the prize will not be awarded, and it will be randomly awarded to another participant. Accepted documents include Passport, National ID card, Driver's License, National Insurance Card. After the winners are announced, the winner will receive an email requesting the submission of one of these documents. The winner has 5 days to provide the required document; if not, the prize will be forfeited in favor of another randomly selected participant.

Warning Dear traders, this competition is part of the testing phase of our system, which aims to provide a better trading experience for our traders. During its duration, there may be interruptions that could result in temporary unavailability of the platform, occasional logouts, inability to open or close positions, or incorrect display on the chart. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by these complications and thank you for participating in the improvement of our RF-Trader trading platform.

By confirming your registration, you agree that you have read and accepted the competition terms and conditions. That all information provided in the form is true.


Those who conquer the competition with their exceptional profits will be rewarded. Imagine the thrill of grabbing one of our exclusive trading programs tailored to accelerate your trading success. The rewards speak for themselves:

  • 1st Place: Copper $320,000 program
  • 2nd Place: Copper $160,000 program
  • 3rd Place: Copper $80,000 program
  • 4th-5th Place: Copper $40,000 program
  • 6th-10th Place: Copper $20,000 program
  • 11th-20th Place: Copper $10,000 program

Registration ends:

Monday, 31st July, 20:00 UTC.

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