Best TFT (The Funded Trader) Alternative

TFT alternative prop firm for traders from the funded trader after crash or closure

In the last few weeks, the forex prop trading community has been hit by different unexpected news events and very sad stories. From MetaQuotes (metatrader) suspending some prop firms, to the abrupt payout denials by The Funded Trader(TFT), and its tragic crash or closure, it has been an unfortunate start of the year for some traders.

I sympathize with prop traders who have lost their accounts & funds as a result of TFT’s shutdown/crash. The pain of suddenly not getting (or having access to) your reward, payment, or trading profits cannot be explained — It crushes the soul.

But at the end of the day, what can you do?! You’ve got to stand strong, be positive, and look forward to something better.

Before you join another prop firm and continue from where you “stopped” at TFT, you may first want to consider certain metrics, such as the firm’s payout history/record, its customer service culture, business ethic, its potential to be sustainable and most importantly, its reputation or customer feedback (reviews).

Today, I wish to share with you one prop firm that has checked these boxes (one of the best alternative prop firms for traders from The Funded Trader):


Let’s look at why RebelsFunding is a great option for you:

Quick Comparison

FeatureThe Funded Trader (TFT)RebelsFunding
PayoutBi-weekly, but not reliable. Payout problems. ❌Bi-weekly. Steady and reliable. No payout problems✅
Customer Support Not responsive ❌Always responsive & willing to help ✅
Fee$99 (for a $15,000 account size) – $999 (for a $200,000 account size) ❌Cheap & affordable: $25 (for a $5000 account size) – $890 (for a $320,000 account size) ✅
Profit Split80% – 90%✅Up to 90% (depending on the account)✅
Withdrawal Options Paypal, Coinbase, Wise, etc ✅Rise, crypto, bank, wise, etc ✅
Free trialYes ✅Yes ✅
Trading PlatformDXtrader, cTrader (third party trading platforms) ❌RF-Trader (in-house trading platform) ✅
Trading PeriodNo time limit ✅No time limit ✅
RefundsNo ❌Up to 200% refund of your account purchase fee (depending on the program) ✅
InstrumentsForex, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. ✅ Forex, Metals, Energies, Cryptocurrencies, Indices and Equities. ✅
Allow News TradingYes, but limited. ❌Yes, allowed on all programs and levels. ✅
Holding Over WeekendAllowed ✅Allowed ✅
Reviews (Trustpilot)3.8/5.0❌4.4/5.0 ✅

1. Payout at The Funded Trader vs RebelsFunding

Before The Funded Trader’s closure, several customers had raised alarms, accusing them of denying customers’ payout requests for no concrete or legitimate reason. Sadly, traders who ignored the incipient and simmering complaints paid more than they bargained.

In this situation, one may be tempted to think that traders’ payouts were never “prioritized” by TFT.

On the other hand, at RebelsFunding (RF), traders’ payouts is a top priority. RF is one of the firms with the smoothest payout (withdrawal) process. You can initiate a payout request 14 days after your first trade on your funded account and receive your money within 3 to 16 hours. No hassle, no stress, no ill practice, no illegitimate payout denials.

Your payment is guaranteed.

Since inception, RebelsFunding has paid over $400,000 to its traders. Every trader at RF is happy and very satisfied in this regard.

Payout/withdrawal testimonies in their community tells the story better.

2. Programs and profit-sharing structure at RebelsFunding

At RebelsFunding, you can get a funded account for as low as $25, get up to 90% profit share (depending on the program you choose), and up to 200% refund of your program’s purchase fee.

That is, if you successfully pass the evaluation stage of the $25 program (for example), you get 200% of $25 with your first payout. This means you get extra $50 for free.

3. Withdrawal options

At RebelsFunding, you can withdraw a minimum of $50, and there are no limits to the maximum amount you can withdraw.

You can receive your funds via Rise, bank, crypto, Wise, etc.

4. Customer support at The Funded Trader vs RebelsFunding

There have been several complaints by some traders that TFT’s customer support is unresponsive and unhelpful. I understand how frustrating this can be when you really need help or someone to talk to.

At RebelsFunding, the customer support team works 24/7 (Monday to Sunday, all day round).

They are one of the most responsive, friendly and understanding support team I have experienced.

You can communicate or share your problems with a support agent via the live chat on their website, or via email, Facebook, Twitter (X) and Discord.

5. Trading platform & tools at TFT vs RebelsFunding

TFT recently migrated to a new trading platform, and it is suggested that the migration may have played a big role in the sudden malfunctioning of their system or operational structure, and its subsequent crash.

RebelsFunding (on the contrary) has had an advanced in-house trading platform (RF-Trader) right from inception. One of the key things that makes them very stable. They cannot be affected by regulatory policies of external or third party trading platforms.

The RF-Trader is a modern and easy-to-use trading platform. It is integrated with TradingView chart. It has a simple dashboard with everything you need for successful trading.

You have a risk management calculator, you can switch between the bid and ask charts, you can view spread history, you can instantly monitor drawdowns, and many more.

RF-Trader is the trading platform you need.

6. Reviews between TFT and RebelsFunding

the funded trader rating trustpilot
the funded trader review trustpilot
rebelsfunding rating trustpilot
rebelsfunding review trustpilot

On Trustpilot, TFT currently has a rating of 3.8/5.0, while RebelsFunding has 4.4/5.0. RF has more positive reviews. They have a lot of satisfied customers and reasonable recommendations too.

In conclusion, RebelsFunding is a great option for traders from The Funded Trader. It is a safe & stable prop firm that prioritizes traders’ payouts and customer satisfaction.

With its own trading platform and a solid business model, your forex prop trading growth is guaranteed.

RebelsFunding is the safe home for you.


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