Utilizing Seasonal Trends in Trading

seasonal patterns forex trading

Seasonal patterns in trading are recurring fluctuations or behaviors that can be observed in financial markets during specific times in a year.

Today, we will look at the types, advantages and how to utilize them:

Calendar-based patterns

This one is tied to a particular time in a year. Examples are “January effect” (where stocks tend to rise in the first month of a year), and “summer doldrums” (here, between July/August, trading activities seem to slow down).

Holiday-based patterns

During this period, transaction volumes can decrease or increase (depending on which holiday it is). Christmas (or Santa Claus rally) for example, usually triggers buying spree, consumer spending & travels which can result in more demand for one currency over another.

Event-based patterns

Economic data releases, political events like elections, weather events such as hurricane, Central bank meetings, etc. can make a significant mark on trading trend or activity.

Gains from Understanding Market Seasonality

Seasonal patterns can be useful to you in the sense that they can provide a hint of the next possible movement or direction of the market.

It can help you setup trades with high probability of success; inform your entry and exit points.

(But it is worthy to note that these hints do not guarantee outcomes. They are just tendencies that require further analysis and confirmation tools).

Applying Seasonal Patterns to your Trading Strategy

1. Pick a “time” or “event” and find its effect on the market; find repetitions on the chart: Carefully study historical data to identify reliable patterns.

2. Combine strategies: To accurately predict market behavior, use cyclic trends alongside technical and fundamental analysis.

3. Have a risk management plan in place: These trends are not foolproof, so it is vital you have a realistic plan before you go in.

4. Don’t be (too) rigid: Be ready to change with the (when necessary); optimize, do some refinement on your system for best results.


Combined with other confirmation strategies, seasonal trends can serve as an effective source of trading ideas; helping you make informed decisions.


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