MetaQuotes Ban: 1 Prop Firm that Accepts US Clients

MetaQuotes Ban: 1 Prop Firm that Accepts US Clients IMG 20240111 161626 923

MetaQuotes, the developer of popular trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, is cracking down on several prop trading firms such as Ftmo, the5ers, etc., and forcing many brokers to terminate their services (if these firms do not comply).

This decision has had a negative impact on most prop traders in the US. There is fear of losing money amongst traders and thoughts on the safe way to go, a search for a safe haven. (And fortunately, there is a solution; not all prop firms in the industry have been affected or will be affected by MetaQuotes’ latest policy).

In today’s blog post, I will reveal one of the prop firms that will never be affected by MetaQuotes policies or US regulations and why. The one prop firm that is safe and reliable for US clients:


RebelsFunding is a prop firm that offers unique trading programs for forex traders. They provide traders with training accounts that they can use to trade and earn commission without the risk of losing their own funds. They also offer a variety of funding options for all types of traders, from beginners to professionals.

Why is RebelsFunding safe for US traders, why is it one of the best options for US prop traders:

RebelsFunding does not utilise MetaQuotes trading platforms, does not partner with any US broker

RebelsFunding does not rely on MetaTrader platforms, which are subject to MetaQuotes’ policies and restrictions. The firm has an in-house trading platform, the RF-Trader.

Integrated with TradingView chart, the trading platform is modern, user-friendly, and has advanced risk management tools to help you take calculated trading decisions and succeed. It supports all trading styles. You get access to your favourite indicators. You can trade assets such as Forex, indices, crypto, etc. The RF-Trader has low spreads and very fast execution.

Regulatory laws in the US has no influence over RebelsFunding and it’s operations

RebelsFunding is based in Slovakia and regulated by EU laws. Thus, government policies in the US has no impact on its operations. This also makes the firm stable and reliable.

It has cheap & affordable evaluation programs

RebelsFunding has some of the most affordable programs in the industry. You can get a funded account for as low as $25.

No time limit

RebelsFunding does not impose any time restrictions on prop traders. You can trade at your own pace and complete the training programs whenever you want.

High profit split

RebelsFunding pays up to 90% of the profits to traders, depending on the program they choose. At RF, you do not have to worry about losing money.

Fast withdrawal processing time

RebelsFunding processes payouts without any delays or hassles. You can request your profits and receive them within 16 hours on average or less. At RF, you can withdraw your profits twice in a month, with a minimum withdrawal limit of $50 and NO maximum withdrawal limit.

The company allows you to withdraw your profits via various methods, such as bank, crypto, Wise Rise, etc.

Friendly, helpful support and community

RebelsFunding provides 24/7 customer support, real people on the end of queries. They also have an active Discord community, where traders can share their experiences, tips, and strategies.

RebelsFunding is one of the few prop firms that currently accepts US clients and offer them a great opportunity to trade forex with capital up to 640,000 USD. They have a high trust rating on Trustpilot and amazing prop trading review. They also organize regular free trading competitions, where traders can win funded accounts and even cash bonuses.

If you are interested in joining RebelsFunding, you can start with a free trial, where you can test their platform and services. You can also get up to 200% of your purchase fee, back, if you purchase and pass their evaluation program.


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