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Detailed terms and recommendations

This training program is a 1-phase, 10-level training program designed so that traders can receive commissions right from the start and have huge potential for growth. The trader buys the training program at the beginning, and after achieving the first profit target at 10% of account, they will get back 100% of the diamond program fee! Subsequently, you will be entitled to access the RCF account after signing the contract and verifying the KYC documents, and then entitled to receive commissions at each level.

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    1. Fee refund bonus (training account)
    The trader is entitled to a bonus in the amount of 100% of the fee for the training program after successfully achieving the target return of 10% in Phase 1 (Level 0) on the training account.
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    2. Maximum account drawdown (training account and RCF account)
    The maximum drawdown on the account is set at 5% of the initial capital on the training account or increased RCF account, and is bound to both closed and open trades. For example, if the equity on the account is 10,000, it must not be less than 9,500. If you violate this rule, your account will switch to read-only mode and trades will be closed.
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    3. Daily maximal drawdown (training account and RCF account)
    There is no limit on daily drawdown, only on total drawdown.
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    4. Profit target and progress (training account and RCF account)
    This program has 1 skill verification level and 10 levels of increasing capital on RCF accounts. In the 1st training phase, you must achieve a 10% profit to be eligible for a 100% refund of the training phase fee. Then you will be eligible for an RCF account, which will increase according to the following table with each achievement of the 10% target profit. All trades need to be closed manually or by using Take Profit (profits need to be credited to the balance).
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    5. Trading leverage (training account and RCF account)
    The account leverage in this program is set at a level of 1:50 for Major pairs, 1:37 for Cross pairs, 1:25 for exotic pairs, 1:15 for metals, 1:15 for stock indexes, 1:5 for energies, 1:2,5 for stocks and 1:2,5 for cryptocurrencies.
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    6. Time limit (training account and RCF account)
    There is no time limit.
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    7. Number of trades (training account and RCF account)
    The minimum number of trades in this training program is 5 real trades at each level, without splitting the volume into smaller parts or adding small trades. A real trade is an independent trade that trades in the current market situation. This condition serves to filter out gambling, fraudulent, and other inappropriate trader behavior and is necessary to determine whether the trader really knows what they are doing or simply getting lucky.
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    8. Trader behavior and strategy (training account and RCF account)
    Traders can trade in any way that suits them and can meet the required conditions. The wider the range of traders, the greater the diversification for us, and therefore, we support any reasonable, non-gambling, and non-fraudulent trading approach. We support every decent trader who does not engage in any unacceptable fraudulent trading method defined further in the Terms & Conditions.
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    9. Restrictions
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    10. Trading instruments (training account and RCF account)
    You can trade everything that is currently available on the trading platform. We may expand or narrow the instrument selection based on traders' interests and success to provide traders with the best trading conditions. Currently, you can trade Forex, metals, some stock indices, some cryptocurrencies, some stocks, and energy. The selection is diverse and can be viewed directly on the training platform.
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    11. EA automated trading systems (training account and RCF account)
    Prop trading is not about using mass robots and similar tools. To diversify our sources, we prefer manual trading of the widest range of trading styles. It is not possible to launch any EA on our training trading platform.
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    12. Refund, bonus (training account)
    Traders are entitled to a bonus equal to 100% of the training program fee after successfully achieving a 10% appreciation in the 1st phase (level 0) on the training account.
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    13. Profit split (RCF account)
    You are entitled to a 50% commission on the profit generated on each of the 10 levels of the RCF account. You can request the first commission payout anytime after achieving a minimum profit of 5%.
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    14. Commission payout (RCF account)
    If you are entitled to a commission payout from the profits generated on your RCF account, you can request the payout by email at billing@rebelsfunding.com or directly on the Training Trading Platform. Before making a withdrawal, you must close all open trades. If you achieve a target return of 10%, your account will be automatically closed, the commission will be paid out, and you will receive a new increased account.
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    15. Losses (RCF account)
    Traders are not responsible for any losses incurred on training or RCF accounts. All trades are conducted within a simulated environment of real price quotes. FRCSM, the company, is responsible for all trades made in a real market environment. FRCSM has its own risk models for its RCF accounts, which determine whether a trade is executed or not. Traders bear no responsibility for any losses that may be incurred. However, it is strongly recommended to strictly adhere to the rules of risk management and other rules according to the Terms & Conditions for the mutual success of both parties.